Friday, 13 July 2012

Just Being!

Sorry everybody I disappeared for a while.  Life got in the way of blogging!

End of term stuff , school productions, broken cars, birthday parties and organizing all got in the way!

With one week to go until the children break up things are starting to wind down in that area of our lives while the move is starting to feel real.  Viewing on this house so that someone new can rent it, organizing packers and movers and working out dates when we can move up to Durham to start a new chapter of our lives.

A couple of days ago the letting agents put a "To Let" sign up in the garden  It now feels real to many people in the village where we have lived and worked for the past two years.  I didn't think I had made much of a difference.  

Yes, Chris has made a difference in my eyes as he has created new projects here, refreshed old ones and given new life to existing ones. But I think that I do very little in this village!  

Lots of people have said to me in the past month and half since we have know the Chris is going off to train how much they are going to miss us as a family.  

This has made me think perhaps sometimes we don't need to do anything specific to show the love of Christ!  We don't need big actions or grand gestures because perhaps they come from man not God.  

Sometimes the best way of showing love is just by being!  

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