Monday, 17 January 2011

New Begininngs!

Well December has been and gone and January is now already half way through. Working for the Church during Advent and Christmas is manic! So much so, that I am now sick of In the Bleak Mid Winter and very glad I don't have to hear it until at least November!

On the home front I have made a decision that I am desperately trying to uphold not buying any more craft things until I have used up some of things which are currently taking up space here in the house! So I have already starting working on presents for Christmas 2011!

The house is looking clearer and every week I seem to be clearing more and more stuff and getting those silly little boxes which were full of stuff empty. I do worry that I am putting things into landfill, I try to recycle/freecycle/upcycle as much as I can but equally these things are taking up space in a very small house. Other exciting things are taking place and I will update everyone on them as soon as I can.

Craft wise I am in the process of making a messenger type bag and a cushion cover and have already made Mitts for my mum and dad to keep there hands warm whilst they work in their workshop making spinning wheels!

Right time to go and have another cuppa whilst I work on finishing another craft project!