Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Well the kids are indeed back at school and my day is slowly getting back into a normal routine!

DS4 sleeps in the morning whilst I do housework then he is up and around!

While he sleeps I also try to cram in a bit of craft and at the moment am working my way around a shawl for a Christmas Present! I have now started this shawl 4 times hopefully this time will be the last that i have to completely restart it!

It only has a pattern repeat of 8 rows so my new strategy is too do only 8 rows a night that is one pattern repeat. But also have something else on the go like some washcloths for teachers presents!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

And they are back!

Well that was a very long six weeks!

I really love being fortunate to be a stay at home mum but sometimes I like peace as well.

Having 4 boys can be a little difficult at times it really does eat into my crafting time! LOL

I have however managed to start and finish a shawl it is beautiful and have started another one to give as a gift at Christmas!
Hopefully as they are all now back in school I can start to get the house straight and get some crafting done to start sorting out he Christmas presents which I need to make!