Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Who am I?

It's cold!

We had a severe ground frost last night and when the weather is like this I just want to hibernate in my cocoon.  I suffer from Depression and Fibromyalgia and I am not really sure which one feeds which.  The house we currently live in has Night Storage Heaters and to say they are good is not really the true they are in fact rubbish.

Thankfully we have an open fire which means at least the sitting room/dinning room is warm., although I must admit  I don't tend to light the fire unless everybody is at home.

When I am at home I tend to ponder on things and during this cold last couple of day I am begining to ponder on my live.

I went from being someones daughter to being someone's wife to four little people's mum.  It is getting close to the point where littlest is starting school in September and now I am starting to think about who I AM.   Now I know I will always be a daughter and a wife and a mother but there is soon going to be a time when I will have space.  I currently have three days a week as little one is in Nursery but soon it will five days a week.

So who am I?  I am not sure to be perfectly honest.   I am hoping that I can work it out with help.

I would like to write, make things, have a colourful home , I did just write tidy but lets face it will four boys ranging in age from 13 to 3 that is going to take some time!  I have never wanted to be famous or rich , I would just like not to worry.

As the weather warms I am hoping that the REAL me will start to take shape just as the little flowers peek out from their wintry beds, Bird song fills the air and the promise of new life starts!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

January Clear Out

Christmas has been and gone and perhaps for some it is time to take stock of what we count as important.

For me it is time to have a clear out first of all the wool got culled and I have freecycled about a bin liner full.

Now I am working through all my other craft stuff and today it is the turn of my Rubber Stamps

This is the first of the batches and are up on my facebook page Psychodelic-elephants  
There will be more going up including fabric and papers in the next couple of days whilst I undertake my massive clear out!