Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Stepping out

Today I start induction week at Cranmer Hall.

I have been trying to fill my morning with stuff as I don't start till midday!

I have taken the children to school bought a new car seat which will make live easier for the person who is going to look after this children whilst I am in lectures!  Bought a new pair of walking shoes that will help me physical get to college no matter what the weather is.

I decide to use up so more time and wind a beautiful skein of hand dyed wool into a ball that arrived yesterday!  Whilst winding it I happen to glance at the magnetic board at the back of my desk and a postcard of a stained glass window caught my eye.

The window is in Burford Church in Oxfordshire and although i have never visited this particular place I was sent this postcard by a very dear friend.

This post card is of Christ Calling James and John to follow him!  

Jesus called James and John to leave behind there old way of life and follow him.  To stop being only fishers of fish and to start to be fisher of men.  We don't ever stop being one thing but God uses those gifts that we already have developed and gives them a new purpose and new meaning within him.

Today I step out of "my boat" my little confined space which for years as only revolved around children and go to start the process of studying.  Hopefully as I studying alongside others and learn from others I will become for tuned into God's purpose for me!

This feels like the start of a new journey and as a famous Chinese Philospher said A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

Today is my first step!