Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Calm before the storm

Well the title say it all really in two days time the packers come they will come and pack all our earthly possessions up (apart from a few essentials that we will need )  they will they transport them the 350 ish miles up to Durham where the new chapter of our lives will begin!

At the moment I am very apprehensive about packers every move I have ever done we have done the packing.  I have a very strange feeling a feeling as if we aren't ready to move probably because the house still has stuff everywhere, pictures are still on the walls and we are not swamped under half a ton of boxes!

I am sure that the packers know exactly what they are doing  after all that is what they do for a job!  but I am not in control I just have to sit back and let them get on with it.  

Sometimes our Christian lives can be a bit like this  sometimes we just have to sit back and let God's plan work it's self out! Giving over control to someone else can be hard but then we need realise that God always has the best plan for us no matter what happens.

See you on the other side!

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