Saturday, 27 February 2010

Let the Challenge begin

Well the bin was collected yesterday.

So today we start with an clean slate well actually a dirty bottomed bin.

Mr L has been away for a week so last night him and I had a lovely scrummy Chinese takeaway as a treat. After ordering it I suddenly though argh what are we going to do with the rubbish.

Well after some thought I think we may be sorted :-

The actually Chinese dishes and rice came in reusable plastic containers which have been washed and stored in the plastic cupboard ready for putting our own food in for freezing.

The plastic bag that the Prawn Crackers and the carrier which it was delivered in are both polythene so that is now in the box earmarked for that purpose.

The foil tray that our Chicken Satay sticks came in is now in the foil box

The only one thing that I thought may cause a problem was the skewers that the satay was on well they have been washed and clean and they are now going to be used for plant props which I start growing seedlings.

So nothing from our treat will end up going into landfill.

However I cannot say the same for our Breakfast this morning.

We had a full cooked breakfast and although about half of the packaging is indeed recyclable the other half is not I have put the non-recyclable plastic into a carry bag and when the not so clean bin had been hosed out I will put them into the bin.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Challenge: One bin a month or less!

Right tomorrow our Bin is going to be collected and hopefully that will be the last time that it will be collected for 1 month!

We have set ourselves a challenge of our bin being collected once a month or less. Now this is going to prove interesting as we are on a very limited budget, we have no place to store massive bulk buy items and we are a family of six with a 19 month old still in nappies!

We have be inspired by you have probably seen this wonderful family on the news on tv recently as they created only ONE bin of rubbish for a whole year!

Well we are going to do ours slowly because not only is it about not throwing things away but it is about not bringing things into the house that will eventually have to end up in Landfil! So we have to change the way we think, the way we shop and the way we bin things!