Friday, 18 June 2010

My 15 minutes of Fame!

Well it all started on Wednesday with a phonecall from the wonderful Mrs Green saying that the BBC wanted to do an interview with someone who had food waste bins and would I like to do it as she didn't have the bins as they don't live in an area where they are used!

Me being me said "yes no problem" and then I soon had a phonecall from the BBC telling me what time they would be here the next morning! The first Interview was going to be at 6.20 AM!!!!!! The lady on the other end fo the phone said they would probably turn up at about 5.30am.

So a tidy up of the house then started, the alarm was sent and an earlier night was called for.
After a very restless night (probably worried that I would be awake in time for the next morning) we were woken with the sound of an aerial going up! DH looked out of the window to see a big van out side the kitchen window!

After a quick shower I got down stairs as quick as I could to look out of the kitchen window and see.................


Now all this time I had thought I was being interviewed by the local radio not NATIONAL BBC TV! A quick run up the stairs to tell DH That I must have got the "wrong end of the stick" and actually I was going to be TV not Radio and the morning started.

All in all I was interviewed three times 6.20am, 7.20am and 8.20am plus they did live links outside our front door to introduce what was going to happen later in the program!

Tv presenter Phil Lovell with cameraman outside or front door!

It was very interesting to be on the other side of the camera for once and of course the children were very excited to have the BBC in the house.

The boys even made a very short film.

The boys of course became the topic of conversation at school that day with lots of people saying "I saw your mum on tv"!

Unfortuantely BBC breakfast appears to one of the program that the BBC don't put up on Iplayer so as we did manage to record it on to the hard drive of the DVD player when I have put it onto dvd I will try and upload it here so that those of you you wish to watch it can!


  1. Please do try and post it so we can watch!

  2. Wow, that makes you properly famous and certainly beats my claim to fame... one of the Chuckle Brothers moved into my old house when I was tiny little!

    You've got a great blog!


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