Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Busy Couple of weeks

Dear Readers

I am very sorry if it seemed that I had disappeared I have had a very busy couple of weeks and I am almost at the end of it!

First of all at church we haad a 24 hour worship event called "devotion" which was compeltley and uttery amazing ( but hard work for those involved)!

I did two events the first being the Mad Hatter's Crazy Praise Party! Where the whole section was devoted to being mad and silly all in the name of praising God!

Including the teapot and the dormouse!

We had a "Party Ring Tree"

And we also had the "Drink Me" bottle and "Eat Me!" Cake!

The second thing I have been doing will follow in another post tomorrow

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  1. We missed you. Love Love love - wish I'd been there at your 24 hours of worship, love that your church were open to a mad hatters praise party...wonder what my church would say to that - sure vicar and new peeps would be totally up for it...but the old school, well might not be respectful and reflective enough!! Please post more about it.


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