Friday, 21 May 2010

Charity Shop finds

This week I have decided to go and have a route around the Charity shops.

In this city we have lots but there are several which are better than others

So for under £10 I managed to buy

an original 80's My Little Pony Pillowcase
a Japanese looking scarf
A pair of fab stripey trousers which just need one button sewing on on the pocket
and a beautiful Handbag ( which just needs some beads sewing back on)

I think that some chairty shops can be a real treasure trove of goodies that can be up cycled or put to another use!
The My Little Pony Pillowcase will be made into a bag
The japanese scarf is dentined to be made into needlwork accesories

I will of course show you all the results when I have transformed them into something new!

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