Saturday, 3 April 2010

Baking Day!

So far to day I have made:-

3 Pizza bases
2 Choc Oranges Cake ( 1st one I made yesterday was a bit flat)
13 Easter Rice Krispe cake (with Cheap Rice Krispeys that the kids didn't like)
6 Easter shaped cakes with my new tray from Lidl's
9 Cup Cakes made with the recipe from my new cupcake book

Just have to ice them and I like I will make Lemon icing for them!


  1. Puts my cucumber sandwich to shame! Took so much effort for me to butter the bread! Reading this makes me feel incredibly lazy!
    Sounds fantastic! Will you be sharing photo's? :)x

  2. oh yes when they have been iced def.

    Have to go to Church now to reherse for Singing tomorrow!


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