Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Photos of scrummy's

Well as promised before they were all eaten I managed to take some photos of the goodies I made for Easter.

The first Pic is of the yummy gorgeous choc Orange Cake which is suitable for people who are Coeliac and dairy intolerant! I will post the recipe if anybody wants it!

These are the rice krispy cakes that Master A helped me make.

I had bought some rather cheap rice krispy type cereal that the children decided tasted like cardboard so add chocolate, some Golden Syrup and mini eggs to finish and rather than have food end up in the food waste container! We had Easter Egg cakes to be given as small after lunch presents


  1. Yes, I'm, still waiting patiently for the chocolate orange cake recipe!

  2. oooooops I will post it as soon as I have unpacked the shopping!


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