Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fingerless Heaven

It is so cold in this house that I have made myself a pair of stripy finger less mittens to wear inside.

Pattern taken from the lovely Lucy at Attic24.  One slight snag I think I may need to may them slightly longer to cover my wrists but there is the beauty of crotchet as I haven't added an edging I can just take up my hook and yarn and carry on!

I Just love the way the colour have gone together and I am itching to make more things with this colour combination!


  1. Love the rainbow stripes, and they look really warm!

  2. I am a total dork, but I love elephants. So when I saw the name of your blog I was hooked. Love the blog.

  3. These are gorgeous. But I can't crochet to save my life. I've tried to learn 4 times now!

  4. Sarah That's why I have started to sell them same as these but longer so that they cover the wrist have a look at my facebook page under the album Fingerless mitts!


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