Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Almost There!

I have been very quite over the last couple of months trying to sort myself out and get into routines etc that will help everyone in the house!  I have also had two articles to write for a christian women's magazine called Woman Alive the first one being that of a creating a scrapbook which was published in the September Issue and the second one is Christmas related.  It did feel a bit strange writing in on August Bank Holiday Monday!

I have also been on a use up mission I had lots of wool from magazines which I wanted to use up so I have made a blanket.  Inspired by several of the blogs I read. Lemondedesucrette  and attic 24  I decided I would have a go at crochetting a blanket.

I started by making 180 circles  like these

Then when I had enough I started joining them usign Attic24's wonderful joining as you go tutorial  I must admit this is much easier than sewing all the pesky little things together!

This is row three The blanket consists of 12 squares wide by 15 squares deep no colour order just randomly place.

 Close up on the joined squares

On the 7th Row

 Finally finished or so I thought until Dh looked at it and said could we have another coupld of rows on the top before you put the border on  So being the Mug  Loving wife I am said yes.
I know need to make another 36 circles so that i can join them on to make the blanket  longer!   So that it can be used on our bed when the winter comes  Hopefully next update will be of a finished blanket!

A close up of the blanket just because I am so amazed by it


  1. OOOH it's beautiful! Can't wait to see it done! It will be stunning :)

  2. Wow, it's stunning! Thanks for your comment about my granny stripe blanket. Is there a piccie of yours on your blog? I'm off to see! :)

  3. No photo of the granny stripe yet as I haven't started it! I am trying to be good and finish this blanket first! I am on the border so it shouldn't be long!

  4. for all of you who were interesting to see a finiahed phot of my blanket you can see it here!


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