Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Oh dear I started off with lots of goof intention to make pancakes. The batter was mixed and put int he fridge.

When Children came home from school along with Husband it was the idea that I woudl cook pancakes before I went out to DS 1's parents evening.

Well I know that I am still learning to cook but pancakes have eluded me.

After about 5 disastrous pancakes I gave in and let DH take over as he is soooo much better at making them than I .

Do you like my new jug courtesy of the British heart Foundation Charity shop in town?

It is gorgeous and it will increase my shabby chic bit and bobs that I am accquiring!

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  1. If you were to use that jug to pour your pancake mix onto the skillet and keep the temperature down around half I think you could become an excellent pancake maker. Most of the time I find bad pancakes are due to impatients, having the temperature too high doesn't make it quicker it just makes them burnt.
    I just found your blog through My Zero Waste and am enjoying looking at your creations. I am also an avid crafter. Thanks for sharing what you do and good luck with your next attempt at pancake making.


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