Friday, 23 April 2010

Well, That was the week that was!


Saw Master Ll and Master E going off on a 5 day PGL trip to Boreatton Park !


Dh went back to work after a week off and in the evening we took Master A to the cinema to watch How to train your Dragon! and all I can say is I WANT A DRAGON! yes, I know I am Welsh and it is within me to like Dragons! I throughly recommend it as a film!


Normal day of pottering around the house catching up on the washing making the most of two boys not being here! Also trying to get a bit of reading in! Then Master A had a friend to tea and they had homemade pizza which they put the toppings on!


Discovering that there is a wonderful Charity in Gloucester called Little Bundles a pefect place to de-clutter all the baby thigns I no longer need/want and pass them into the hands of people who really need them! Also de-cluttering the loft and taking things to the tip/recycling centre and loading the car for Teifi Day ( a fundraising day for an old teacher of mine who died of Motor Neruone Diease)


That brings us to today Little fishes at church this am home lunch start new cross stich project for a leaving present! Then two boys back from PGL with very dirty clothes, virtually no voices and having had a great time!

And we still have two days to go till Monday again and I am already exhausted!

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