Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The best laid plans of Mice and Men.............

Well I had all these wonderful plans about putting baby B into reuseable nappies when we came back from our weekend in London!

Well we came back and I ended up with a cold, then flu and my body just didn't want to play or well! Try again when the weather gets better and my body decides it likes the warer weather.

On the bin front we DID IT! HOORAY

The bin lasted a whole month before we put it out and then I had to put it out becuase the small green reclying box which we had been using to store the rubbish in was getting too full! Although if we didn't have the nappies in the big bin we could have last at least another month!

Right of to school to watch the Easter Service Master A is playing Jesus so I think i had better go and watch!

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