Monday, 8 March 2010


What am I going to do?

I decided that now Baby B was sleeping in a big bed, the bottom part of the bunks that he now shares with Master A it was time to take down the cot!

Well whilst doing this re-arranging of furniture I discovered loads of things in master A's Bedroom that really were broken or just pure rubbish.

Now here is the problem I now have a waste paper basket of rubbish that I am going to have to sort out before it can go anywhere near the BIG BLACK BIN!

Paper is fine

Cardboard is fine

Tissues can be dealt with when we hopefully get a compost bin.

But I have a horrible feeling that there are some nasty plastic things lurking at the bottom of the bin!

Oh well the rubbish can stay in the bin until tomorrow and I am going to knit!

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