Tuesday, 14 July 2009

4 Days till the end of school!

Right well as it says above 4 days until the end of school. So I have decided I need to get some sort of order to this house before it gets totally trashed for 6 weeks!

Right so far I have done:-
Got up
Got Dressed
Had Breakfast
Got DS4 dressed, fed etc
Taken Children to school and seen teacher about an incident that took place yesterday.
come home.

Put DS4 back to bed for more sleep.

Decluttered :-

Front Hall
and corridor outside bedroom's upstairs
Right now I am having a tea break and updating here!

By the time the boys had come down this morning a new elephant had arrived here!

This one is called Ianto and as you can probably see from his wild and wacky apperance. He is a bit of a rebel.

I am laying claim to this one he is about to sit on my shelf along with Scruffy! Well Scruffy would have been very lonely.

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