Wednesday, 15 July 2009

2 and a bit Days till the end of school

Well I am really glad that indeed there are only 2 and a bit days till the end of school unlike normal I am posting in the evening not the morning as I had a very small lie in this morning and did not wake at 6 like normal.

Today has been another day of clearing and cleaning and I acheived something which I have never done before I got the lawnmover to work and so have cut the grass in the back garden.

On the elephant front I have cut out elephants, four to be precise and these are going to some very special people. Haven't decide on any names for these elephants, no doubt as the sewing process starts and the little guys start to taken on their own personalities it will happen and names will come to me.

I am not going to upload a photo of the cut out elephants as the special people who they are intended for might take a sneaky peak and then it won't be a surprise.

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