Saturday, 18 July 2009

Holidays have started.

Well here we are, the holidays have started. I haven't posted for two days as I have not been feeling too well. I hope it is just a Fibro flare not Swine flu but I am sure if it is flu I can deal wth it.
I did take a photo of DS1 yesterday the carrots he planted at school have been picked and they look fab. According to DS1 the lady who came to tell help them plant the carrot seeds said that they were better eaten raw.

All the Elephants for the Special people have been made. 4 Elephants for 4 special families/people.

Today is going to be crazy we have to be at Church for 11.15am and then who knows what time we are going to be back probably not till about 6 or 7pm tonight.

Off I go to start another busy day.

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